Virtual Reality Simulators

Max Flight Virtual Reality


Max Flight

A Virtual Reality experience you will never forget! Our MaxFlight simulator will twist and twirl you through the most exciting rollercoasters throughout the world. If roller coasters aren’t your thing, fly through the sky with the cutting edge flight simulator that will put you in the air for a real life flying experience! Experience Virtual Reality like never before complete with HD/4K reality!




Hop on our open air roller coaster simulator and experience a ride through Pre-historic times and see Dinosaurs come to life, fly your way through sky scrapers as you weave through major down town cities or hit the ground and run from the Zombies chasing after you! Our open air virtual reality roller coaster will send you on a HD/4K experience you will not forget!




Spartan Adventure Park Virtual Reality Rides



Our Flyer simulators are designed for single rides wrapped into a world of Virtual Reality that include the most realistic roller-coasters, motorcycle/car racing and shooting games that Virtual Reality has to offer. The same as our other simulators, these are wrapped with a HD/4K experience that you will not forget.





The Entertainment Capital of the Twin Cities!

Spartan Adventure Park is the ENTERTAINMENT CAPITAL OF THE TWIN CITIES! Come ride some of the fastest roller coasters in the world, soar through downtown skyscrapers, roll through prehistoric times with the Dinosaurs or make Zombies run for their lives, all in 4K/HD. Experience Virtual Reality like you have never experienced it before, right here at Spartan Adventure Park!​

Our rides provide guests immersive experiences that take you on new dangers and experiences that you have never seen before. At Spartan Adventure Park, we take pride in providing you the best virtual reality experience that you have never lived before! With all of our experiences in HD/4K, you won’t know whether or not you are truly flying, riding a roller coaster or fighting off some scary zombies!​

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